Letterhead and invoices have some minimum legal requirements. Both should show the registered office address, the registered number and the country where the company is registered.  I have included my VAT registration number on both although it is only required on the invoice. Under the new Companies Act email should have the same basic content as a letter.

My letterhead is saved as a Word template and I use Excel for my invoices using a template I downloaded from Workpond (  So far my invoices have been sent out as PDF email attachments.

I designed my own logo using a combination of PowerPoint and Windows Paint.

I had my business cards printed at using a template that I created in PowerPoint.  I had some difficulty getting the font sizes exactly as I wanted them and probably should have paid the small amount extra to receive a printed proof.  It would seem a simple enhancement to the Vistaprint website for them to allow you to print a proof at home on standard A4 paper with a box showing the edge of the card.

It is not worth having too much stationery printed at the outset as there will inevitably be changes as you move forward.