PAYE Year End Submissions

This was all pretty simple.  Having run my payroll for month 12 and checked the data in the system, I selected the year end option on the main menu.  I was presented with a checklist of questions and was able to answer them all positively.

I was then presented with the deductions that I have made in the various pay periods during the year and confirmed them.  I entered the PAYE and NI payments I had paid and scheduled to pay up to and including 22 April.  I declared that I am operating a service company.

Cross checking against the HMRC website as I went, I was able to declare that I was submitting P14s, did not need to submit P38As  and that I would need to complete P11Ds.  These forms obviously mean something to regular payroll practitioners but not to me.

I was informed that the P11D had to be submitted by 6 July which I duly noted.

After a few more confirmation screens, I was asked if I wanted to make a test submission and thought that this would be sensible.  As prompted I entered my online gateway details, made the submission and was relieved to read the message that it had worked.  I then did it for real.  After a couple of attempts the HMRC computer responded and I had submitted.  I noted the confirmation number that was provided.  I tried to print the calculation results which produced an error, but I was not concerned as I already had prints of the payroll and the electronic backups.