This has been the main area of expense.

I have bought a Samsung laptop with a core i5 processor, running Windows 8 and MS Office 2010, which is more than adequate for everything I’m using it for.  I’m not sure when I will upgrade to Office 2013.  I’ve been impressed with the new Windows and there are some useful free apps including one for National Rail which provides live arrival and departure information for my local train station.

I bought an iPhone 3GS second hand and will upgrade to the 5S provided that it will transmit on all the UK 4G frequencies (unlike the current model).  There are some great iPhone apps, Evernote is one which is very useful for capturing ideas and ensuring that they are always available both on the iPhone and laptop.

I am a big user of cloud based services – iCloud (calendar and contacts), Gmail and Dropbox. These mean that I can access pretty much all my information whenever I have access to a computer with an internet connection.

I have also just started using Hootsuite to manage my Social Media platforms.